Parwest Land Exploration, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Peter J. Ferraro when the company acquired operations and working interests in numerous oil and gas wells in Oklahoma. Prior to forming Parwest, Mr. Ferraro and his family had participated for over 30 years as working interest owners. During that period exploration was conducted in Mississippi, Utah, Texas, and Oklahoma. The Mocane-Laverne gas field in northwest Oklahoma is Parwest’s primary field. This area has continued to produce into 2010 and has enabled Parwest to pursue exploration in other areas. Parwest has also diversified into offshore wind energy through its subsidiary, Gulf Wind Energy, LLC. The current Galveston, Texas project may be the first in the U.S. offshore.

Parwest believes that its investors should be well informed and presented with data that will reflect a true and conservative depiction of a potential investment.